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Title: BARTCD corrupt
Post by: BanziBaby on June 20, 2003, 05:37:16 AM
Hi Folks

I signed up for the bartCd, the first time i downloaded it with fladhget, it said that the BART_ful was corrupt, tried 2 repair it, but same message when tryin 2 extract it

So then i tried downloadin it with Opera, same thing again

Im usin WinRAR 2 extract it, am i doin somethin wrong???

Any help appreciated


BaNzI :o
Title: Re:BARTCD corrupt
Post by: Pavel Mourek on June 20, 2003, 03:33:12 PM
Have you tried both links?

bartbeta.zip file is valid on both sites. The only thing you can do is to downloaded it again. Try use GetRight for downloading and Winzip for unzipping the file.
Title: Re:BARTCD corrupt
Post by: BanziBaby on June 22, 2003, 04:12:12 AM
Thanks for the advice :)

I tried again with the 1st link, same thing, winrar says corrupt file, winzip says bad crc.Tried the second link & it worked, but when i tried the update(top option)it said the licence had expired & it wasn't able 2 update ???

Then after makin the CD, i tried 2 uninstall the Bart CD manger, but it kept crashin, so i had 2 remove it manually :(

Just 2 make sure i am usin the CD right, do U use it when bootin the PC, ie scan before windows loads???

Thank & keep up the great work Avast team :)
Title: Re:BARTCD corrupt
Post by: kubecj on June 24, 2003, 01:46:57 AM

have you used Beta1 or Beta2?

What _exact_ error messages have it produced? We can't fix it without them.

What operating system have you used?
Title: Re:BARTCD corrupt
Post by: BanziBaby on June 24, 2003, 02:39:56 AM
Hi kubecj :)

Im sure it was the 2nd beta, as i seen an announcment sayin the final beta had just been released about 2 days after i downloaded the 1 i got

My OS is Win98 second edition, i later read on BART forum that the license doesn't allow updates, my fault 4 not readin first

The error was the generic This program has caused an error & will be closed with the 2 buttons, close & details, but the module it crashed when tryin 2 run the uninstall routine was unknown, sorry but i forgot 2 save the message

I was able 2 remove it manually by deletin the folders & then removing the references 4 BART in the registry

Wish i could be more helpfull :(


BaNzI :o