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Title: SOLVED - WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 18, 2010, 05:35:47 AM
I have been using a paid version of avast! 5 since shortly after it's release, with no issues till today.
I turned on my computer to find that the avast! icon in my tray now has a red x overlaying it.
I hold my mouse over it and find the message," avast! Antivirus: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. "
I click on it and there is a pop-up with a red header stating,"UNSECURED Your system is not protected.
Please use the Fix Now button to start protecting your system." which I did... to no avail... Also...
Below that, My NETWORK LOCK is OFF, tho there is an option to switch it on... Which I did not do...
Finally, there is one more section which states," Urgent: avast! service stopped," with a big red X...
"The avast! antivirus program has been stopped, or is in an inconsistent state. Please restart the program
to resume protecting your system." And a button labeled,"Start Program," which I clicked... to no avail...

I then used the search option on these forums with the key words,"WARNING, your system is UNSECURED."
Found 4 relevant posts, and followed the relevant suggestions offered in three of those posts, to no avail.
(BTW - I did nothing in safe mode as I don't know how to get into safe mode any guidance?)
(I also ran a thorough spyware and malware bytes scan; both of which found 0 infected files.)
-The three posts that I have followed:
Post #1 - Paid Subscription and Now PC is unprotected by DollyLama
Post #2 - Avast 5 Free Home Edition doesn't work by studioforge
Post #3 - avast! service stopped working ever since of avast! Free Anti-Virus 5 by Roley
-My next step unless you have a better idea:
Post #4 - Avast 5 won't work by pc-no-nothing

My next step seems to be uninstalling and reinstalling? I have a disk I ordered when I got my license key.
What is the best way for me to go about this? I am not the most computer savvy person, mind you...
Should I simply uninstall in my control panel add/remove window? This seems easiest to me, but is it best?
OR Should I use a special uninstall utility? If so, which one, and where do I get it? Link please?
Should I install with my disk? OR Should I install from a download? If so which one, and where do I get it?

I apologize for the lengthy post; but I wanted to give as much info as possible so that whoever would be so
kind as to help me would know everything they needed to know to effectively assist me. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Things are currently working to my satisfaction. Comments still welcome. THANKS ALL FOR THE HELP!
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: Shiw Liang on April 18, 2010, 05:53:55 AM
Hi there^^,
Well may I know what was your previous antivirus before you installed the avast 5 Internet Security?
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 18, 2010, 06:08:46 AM
I have only used avast! on this computer, ever since my reformat and clean install of everything.
I used avast!4.8 pro trial, until the release of avast5. Before my reformat/reinstall I used AVG 8.x.
There is no trace of AVG left on my computer. Also, I uninstalled avast!4 before installing avast!5.
My avast!4 trial came to an end, Then I uninstalled it in my control panel add/remove window.
The next time I went online, I came directly to the avast! site, where I DL'd the avast5 version.
I paid for it, and ordered the optional CD. Shortly thereafter, I used the license key from my email.
etc. etc. you remember the drill? Simply put, avast! is all that I have trusted since AVG failed me.

Edit: Currently, my computer says I am running avast! 5.0.507 Subscription valid till: 2/21/2011

Thanks for your interest in helping me. ~Nom
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: Shiw Liang on April 18, 2010, 06:14:43 AM
Haha no it's for me a pleasure to try to help people :)

What I suggest is:
1. Download this removal tool
Run it in safe mode
Choose avast 4.8 home/pro
And click on uninstall
2. Close the uninstall tool
3. Restart
4. Try to see if avast 5 is working or not

5. If not then go to control panel
6. Click on change/remove avast
7. Scroll down
8. Choose repair and restart

Hope it will work ^_^
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 18, 2010, 09:02:14 AM
OK, I did steps 1-4; didn't work... and 5-8; also didn't work.
On step 8, selecting repair leads me to an error pop-up...
"Error processing packages. Please use full update." with
a big red X and two buttons to click: "Ok'"and,"View Log."
The log is overwhelmingly mystifying. Any new advice?
Thanks again for the help Shiw Liang. Much appreciated!
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: Shiw Liang on April 18, 2010, 10:42:26 AM
hm..if you could post that log here I think some experts will be able to read and understand that^^
However it is strange..error most usually occur when you are trying to install avast and not when repairing :(
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 18, 2010, 12:37:48 PM
OK, here's my attempt at attach/posting the log...
Hopefully someone will know what happened so I
can fix it, and prevent it from happening it again.
*Crossing my fingerS* I'll be back tomorrow. ~Nom
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: AmazingIT on April 18, 2010, 12:56:05 PM
Sometime some software difficult to uninstall because of some software problem then I try to remove it Manually by Registry.
GOTO RUN type regedit it opens registry editor, then on left panel click on computer press F3(Find Next) type here avast 5 then find, delete Each registry file.

Note : Read the path of file before deleting it. It may be the setup file stored in other drive not the installed file.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: nmb on April 18, 2010, 01:25:21 PM

Don't you think it is not a good suggestion to ask a novice to dig in registry? - playing with it may make his computer do weird things.

Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 18, 2010, 01:44:59 PM
Hi Nomdekeys

at brief glance, you appear to have failed an update of the latest definitions - unsure whether this is problem or symptom
- so existing package is likely corrupted or incorrect - unstable - seem recent updates are fail

so Repair appears not able to work

the solution here is probably best to attempt update procedure to try restabilise yr package
or go to  http://www.avast.com/download-update  and download and run  avast! 5 VPS update, version

(perhaps wait for second opinion here)
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: cjs on April 18, 2010, 04:06:29 PM
I to have had problems with avast refusing to load on a start up. All attempts to get it to work fails and I have had to re-install.
I am using 'Avast 5.0.507 free' which is the latest version (with Win XP PS3)
This does not occur every time I start up my computer but I have had to do this twice in the last 10 days, Avast is on auto update and
a full scan shows no virus. I guess there is a compatibility problem with another program possibly my firewall (Zone alarm) or
my anti-spam (IObit security).
If this continues I will have to change one of them but I don't want to because I think all three of them are great programs!
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: Shiw Liang on April 18, 2010, 04:55:17 PM
If would have suggest a uninstall and reinstall again but that would surely make the person angry!
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: JohnSAvast on April 18, 2010, 06:41:33 PM
Adding my experience to the mix, I had the same issue with Avast Free.  I changed from AVG a few weeks ago and Avast was running fine.  I updated Windows XP and on reboot, the Avast service would not start.  I only do manual Windows updates so I know when it occurred.  Avast had been through several previous reboots without problem. 

In Services, Avast was shown as Automatic and could not be started from there.  Repair would not work.  I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it running.  I have only been running for a few days since the reinstall.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 18, 2010, 08:43:31 PM
yes some good points here that we always need to keep in mind.

Windows updates are something without which, for most of us, the world would not continue to turn properly. Put simply we cannot do without them - and yet our systems must suffer this package interruption more or less on a monthly basis, sometimes throwing out of sync the carefully put together layered defense we have built for our desktop. This month provides the perfect example. *ah well*

And can happen with all programs, but especially those that require regular database updates (hips or no), and where person has built fondness for certain package configuration (e.g avast - ZA - IObit) or some particular program/app/utility (ZA or Commodo firewalls often require special attention to run well wit avast).

Keep an eye on Windows Services - right-click (My) Computer, choose Manage from drop-down menu, and click through Services and Applications to Services - check avast is set correctly, check how yr firewall is set, etc...for indication that something may have slipped out of sync.

When avast updates fail to go through - returns common error, I forget typical msg formats just now, used to be setface AAVM subsystem.., something like that - then program operative may be snafu (systems normal, all f*dged up) and, say, Repair might not work, for example. (screenshot shows error in NomDeKeys log - from above)

As Shiw Liang says, uninstall/reinstall or Repair or stop/start or manual update or manual out of cycle or even just tweaks and the like, may be all that is needed, but also has potential to reproduce snafu situation, and would surely make the person very angry *grrr* and perhaps make person want to throw computer out the window.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 18, 2010, 11:45:36 PM
ROFL, thanks all for your replies and suggestions, some points made me giggle even.
Thanks for that, I really needed a giggle. It has been a very weird and trying week.
(It started with a trip to a theme park that fell short to an allergy triggered migraine
that lasted for two+ days, followed by a shopping trip where my purse was snatched,
then the onset of respiratory issues complete with wheezing and bronchospasm, and
finally my computer is unprotected. I feel vulnerable; open for violation on every front.
I canceled my weekend plans, and am staying home in an attempt to feel less vulnerable.
Besides, I needed the two forms of ID that were in my purse for my weekend anyhow.)
But I digress...

AmazingIT and nmb: Thankyou both for the direction and the caution. I would sooner
reformat than mess with my registry. I would prefer the certainty that everything was
clean and in working order than risk the possibility of unknowingly fudging something.

mkis: You are probably right about a failed update. My avast was working fine one night,
my shutdown took longer than usual (and may have interrupted an update), then PooF!
The next morning it was as it still is. That night the only site I went to was about.com -
to look for a cell phone replacement suggestion [about.com had a questionnaire to help
narrow down newly available cell phone models to meet specific needs/desires. Sadly,
none were quite as suited to me as the one I lost. The model that was in my stolen purse
is no longer available thru at&t - tho I think I can still get it elsewhere; alas, I won't go
to any such site until my computer is protected again. I'm sticking to geek sites only].
I have tried updating and repairing the vps thru the control panel add/remove pop-up.
It says it DL'd the avast!5 vps update just fine, and runs as I expect it should. No Luck.

cjs: I am about to reinstall, as you have. I can't think of anything simpler/less extensive.
I too am using Windows XP sp3; tho I am not using Zone Alarm or IObit, as with my paid
version of avast, those services are included. I very specifically got an Internet Package
to prevent compatibility issues, so I doubt my configuration is a factor. If not for my/our
current issue, I'd recommend you sock away some cash to get this package too, lol. ^.~

Shiw Liang: not at all, it is a good suggestion, and my most likely next step. Thanks to
your suggestions last night, I finally learned how to boot into safe mode, I also now have
the utility for uninstalling avast, and all I need is to know the best way that I should re-
install it. Use my disk? Use a DL? Which one? You have been too kind to make me angry.

JonhSAvast: I did not update XP untill after my issue. I was temporarily holding off on the
updates just in case they would fudge my current project. I had everything in a beautiful
working order, and I was not willing to mess with it. It had been about a week since I last
updated windows (everything but .NET framework, and that monthly Windows Malicious
Software Removal Tool, which I never bother with). Since the project I am in the midst of
uses .NET Framework, I didn't want to change that just yet. I had about one more day of
work on that project to do, and all but the last two days backed up. A reinstall of one or all
of my programs won't set me back more than a few days. I am not willing to save my recent
work on the off chance that I have an infection that may have affected my project files. I
did do the updates after my issue, on the off chance that it would fix everything. No Luck.

I am not very angry, a bit glum perhaps, but not angry. I won't throw my computer out the
window, I'd rather learn more about these mystifying machines by fixing it, with your help.
I'd rather learn about tweaks and quick fixes, since I already know how to reformat/reinstall
everything. Not to mention that knowing these tweaks/quick fixes will undoubtedly come in
handy in the future. I also want to be confident that I am not creating a 'snafu' situation.
*Giggle* I have never heard that term before. SnAfU. TeeHee. I Like it. ^,^

So, Long post short: I expect I have to uninstall/reinstall avast! next. I will use the DL'd utility
to uninstall it while in safe mode, as is recommended. Please recommend an installation method.
I have that disk. Should I use that or should I use a DL to reinstall it? Thank You Muchly. ~Nom
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 19, 2010, 01:06:38 AM
I'm not sure which disk you mean?
Not the BART disk, which from which I gather is a recovery disk that comes with utilities, etc..?

And yr avast purchase - can you produce the exact program that you purchased - just to make sure
- either avast! Pro  or  avast Internet Security Suite
- does your avast have a built-in firewall?

About.com are reputable company, not likely danger there, IMHO

You don't seem too far off get back to smooth running but I just wonder about possibility system is infected
also since you have yet to run a HijackThis scan, you might as well do that, which will give us the basics of your running gear

HijackThis   Click here – (will take direct to download)

Download and run.
Then do scan and save a log file.

Post the log file to this thread. If it is too large you may have to post in two parts.

Edit - okay I just saw yr post in a different thread - yes you have avast Internet Security suite.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 19, 2010, 10:28:27 PM
mkis: Ok, I DL'd and ran HijackThis, as you suggested. Here is my log...
(I am also including my MBAM log, just in case someone wanted to view it)

As for the Disk... When I purchased avast!, there was an online option to
have a disk made and sent to me. It arrived by U.S. mail a few days later.
I am going to go ahead with uninstalling and re-installing using the disk...
I will post back with results when I have finished my attempt. *CheerS*
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: doktornotor on April 19, 2010, 11:18:12 PM
Well, here's what worked for me on every "broken" machine so far:

1/ Go to safe mode.
2/ Uninstall Avast there, using the normal uninstaller (via the control panel) if possible. If not, get the removal tool.
3/ Reboot to safe mode again.
4/ Reboot to safe mode w/ networking. (Yeah, really you should reboot twice)
5/ Install Avast in safe mode.
6/ Reboot like normal (no safe mode now)

All should work now.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 19, 2010, 11:56:23 PM
Install in safe mode too?
OK, if you say so. I know basically nothing about doing stuff in safe mode, as I only just learned how to get into safe mode...
I coincidentally rebooted in safe mode twice, tho I wouldn't understand why I should? I will reboot into safe mode again, just
after I figure out how to enable networking (I think I saw an option for that somewhere). Thanks for the tip. *Crossin' fingerS*

BTW- I am using another computer for my internet access at the moment, just until I get things working right on mine again.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: doktornotor on April 20, 2010, 12:04:02 AM
I coincidentally rebooted in safe mode twice, tho I wouldn't understand why I should? I will reboot into safe mode again, just
after I figure out how to enable networking (I think I saw an option for that somewhere).

1/ Well, twice b/c Windows seems to not fully wipe the used files on first reboot for some people.
2/ You simply choose Safe Mode with Networking from the F8 boot menu.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 20, 2010, 01:13:04 AM
After some fiddling, I may have gotten things back on track?
(The first install didn't work; it had the same issue as before
BUT the second install seems to have worked, as of reboot.)
I am going to fiddle a bit more; run a scan,  update, etc.....
(It seems that I am currently running version 5.0.418 of AIS)
I'll be back with my final report. Thanks much to everyone!

Edit: It seems that some of my old info did survive the multi-
uninstall/reinstall process; in the firewall tab, I have old logs
that go back to February. I might also have other dated logs?
Was all of that supposed to survive the uninstallation? Hmn...
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 20, 2010, 01:36:17 AM
post deleted
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 20, 2010, 01:39:20 AM
oh sorry forget that - I'm in a bit of hurry thought I saw iexplorer.exe

I'll have a quick look through yr HjT

If you re-installed from disk you may have to bring everything up to date
that is all that backlog stuff will be - you can tidy that up that up later
- best bring yr avast up to date

Yr HjT looks okay - at a quick glance
you can fix checked the following entry if you want
O20 - AppInit_DLLs:

- it is an orphaned entry and may generate an error - but I doubt whether indicative of infection
- wait for second opinion if you want - sorry but I have to rush off
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 20, 2010, 02:37:20 AM
Golly gosh gee mkis, don't be sorry! I thank you for any help/time you offer to me.
No one here is under contract to look at my logs, lol, but I do appreciate the offer.

I did reinstall from a disk; I expect to update next. Just ran my scan: 0 infections.
Maybe when you are available, you can tell me how to 'tidy' up my 'backlog stuff'?

Maybe you can also tell me how to 'fix checked' that entry, and why I ought to?
I may be a computer noob, but I am willing and able to learn, given good direction.

Anyhow, maybe I'll see you later? Thanks again for you offer of assistance. ~Nom
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 20, 2010, 02:51:51 AM
okay, obviously you didn't see that post before, the one which I have now deleted.
I was rushing and mistook something, but that's okay. I just looked in now to see you okay and things underway.

Yes work on bringing yr avast up to date - the disk would date back to when you made yr purchase.
I didn't know that they offered that optional service - will be interesting how you go.
And take yr time, if possible. I've been rushed off my feet since first thing but I will check back in later.
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 20, 2010, 03:39:26 AM
Affirmative: I did not see the previous post, that you later deleted.

I have brought avast! up to date (v5.0.507) with no issues thus far.
I am running another scan, to be sure things are peachy. After that,
I will restart once more, then wait for the next automatic update...

In the meantime, I have a house to clean, food to make, etc. etc.
Perhaps the next time I check this thread, you will tell me how to
'tidy' up my 'backlog stuff' and how to 'fix' that 'orphaned entry' ?

Thanks again, Be Well, Take your time to rest your feet. ~Nom
Title: Re: WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: NomDeKeyz on April 22, 2010, 02:25:50 AM
YaY!!! After updating, and then letting an automatic update run, everything seems to still be in working order.
If there was a quicker/easier fix, I never found it; but this fix really wasn't so difficult once I knew what to do.
Thank you to everyone for your assistance/suggestions/information/direction. This is why I came to avast!, and
this is why I intend to stay. Thanks to the community and the forums; May this fountain always be overflowing.

If anyone has anything more to suggest/recommend, I'll check this thread a few more times over the next week.
(eg: about my logs and/or what I ought to try next time, that I didn't try this time?) Humble & Grateful  ~Nom
Title: Re: SOLVED - WARNING, your system is UNSECURED. (uninstall/reinstall?)
Post by: mkis on April 24, 2010, 07:23:35 AM
Hi NomDeKeyz. I hope all is running well with yr system once again.

Sorry but I have had a lot to do lately.
Don't worry too much about yr old firewall logs. that is simply what they are. they don't amount to much used space.
You can however delete an avast4 folder if it is still on yr system in the Alwil Folder in Program Files.

You can do Disk Cleanup - Start -> Run - type in 'cleanmgr' without the quotations and press OK.
- choose drive, press OK and wait for Disk Cleanup utility to appear
- then check items to be cleared (mine are in the screenshot)
- if u want, rid yrself of setup files if there are any remaining
- don't worry too much about compressed files - as long as you do still have enough free space on yr drives

But go to the More Options tab at the top, and scroll down to System Restore
- remove all but most recent Restore point
- then return to Disk Cleanup page and press OK to do the cleanup
If you look at my signature below I also use ccleaner to clear my garbage
http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ - top right-hand corner (3.22MB)
download and install - run the two basic cleaners - Windows and Applications
Go to Registry tab - Scan for issues and once list is compiled, Fix selected issues (make sure to do backup)

With ccleaner, you first cleanup may be large amount if you have a lot of garbage on yr system
From then on cleanups will be relatively light - much the same stuff each time, with nothing in Applications
Registry list of issues needing fix will also mostly get much shorter after the first run, but depending on activity
you can also go to Tools - > Startup to have a look at and make changes to the Startup list of programs

the orphaned entry - O20 - AppInit_DLLs: - sometimes these entries can be an indication that malware is present
Seems unlikely in yr case - so I would recommend fix this entry
- put checkmark in box next to the entry and click Fix Checked in bottom left hand corner of the screen
- after fixed checked, you need to run Scan to bring up a new log - I prefer to fix one entry at a time

Hope is all smooth running, regards, Mark