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Title: NewBe questions
Post by: Lonny Jones on July 18, 2003, 08:41:07 AM
Im just installed avast4  ,, couple questions

our firewall has three
ashMailSv.exe running even though Im not currently using anything but the resident..
After reading the other post here about RPCSS, im still in need of understanding and why two of them.  this is with updates set to manual.
I dont understand why these extra ports even need to be open would that just couse more security concerns?

somehow the scanner got set to high(custom) I never changed it from standard.
One time so far the program failed to start, when tring to open it (not with windows startup)
CaswSimplePos::LoadWindowMove() failed.  so far just once

And what to tell winzip to use for a resident scanner.

I realy apreciate the program being offerd to the public
PS windows ME and yep everything is as up to date as possible
Title: Re:NewBe questions
Post by: estatik on July 19, 2003, 02:26:34 AM
If you are not using the mail scanner, you can disable it by renaming it.


Also make sure that you disable ashMailSv from startup in MSCONFIG.

I also, have the updates set to manual and rcpss is listed twice in my firewall, listening on ports 135 and 1025.  I just block them and have no problems with manually updating the VDBs.  

Concerning rpcss, if you haven't already, look at this thread:


Title: Re:NewBe questions
Post by: Lonny Jones on July 20, 2003, 04:49:33 AM
Hi estatik
Yes I had been whatching the other thred, thanks.
I dont think it nessesary(resonable) to tweek windows though,, I have blocked both
ashserve avast email scanner=ashMaiSv.exe
and at time kill them.
and Rpcs+ disributed com services
why the program uses these ive no idea since ive told it not to scan email and then even have to stop the service.
I suppose this could be prevented with the full version.

What bothers me is the extra internet traffic (traffic log) ive never seen so much inbound blocked traffic.

Title: Re:NewBe questions
Post by: Lonny Jones on July 22, 2003, 07:45:02 AM
Anyone know the command line to run avast4 resident,

so I can tell winzip and our dounload utility what to use ?