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Title: The removal of SBC
Post by: Victor Max on March 26, 2011, 12:21:36 PM

Can anyone tell me how to (clean) remove SBC from a Windows 2008 R2 server? not just the management tool but also the IIS and SQL parts of the program. In other words a clean removal...

We cannot get the program to work correctly, it all hangs on the connecting to the discovered computers (in the AD)and therefore we cannot test the program decently..

We are slightly disappointed to see that a 'simple' antivirus program will not work out of the box beside the fact that it is a 'beta'. We have seen the same behaviour at Norman Antivirus and they lost a lot of goodwill there..

We (as a Avast reseller)will wait for the initial release of SBC an add up six months before deploying it to our customers, just to make sure...

Best regards,

Title: Re: The removal of SBC
Post by: wpn on March 27, 2011, 03:14:14 AM
SQL should be easily uninstalled from the windows programs uninstall screen.
IIS should be easily uninstalled from the roles/features page  IF you do not use IIS for other programs...

but as you stated yourself already:  its an early beta.... you cannot judge a program on these early beta releases
avast is using this for the test experience to iron out the problems with the masses

you did install the SBC on a test machine i hope.... not a production machine
Title: Re: The removal of SBC
Post by: Victor Max on March 28, 2011, 02:59:42 PM
Hello WPN,

Maybe my question wasn't specific enough, I mend uninstalling the 'Avast instances' in SQL and the 'management website' in IIS without uninstalling the whole program/role. It should be a disaster to uninstall the whole SQL and IIS services because many other programs may not be available anymore after the uninstall...

For the sake of argument, if a company (like Avast) presents a beta program one may except that the most basic program features are available (and installing)out of the box without any workarounds and hickups. Reading through all the posts here this isn't the case fot this program. Sure we want to test things for Avast and if there are little glitches to polish, so be it! but in this case the program isn't (in this stage) mature enough..

Thanks for the reply anyway..

Title: Re: The removal of SBC
Post by: wpn on March 29, 2011, 12:22:21 AM
thats exactly why this is a beta, to get those faults out of the system...
in a sterile test enviroment these errors may not occur because of the sterility...

never ever install beta testing software on a production machine, never ever! :)

i cant imagine that you installed avast with sql 2008 r2 express (comes standard with sbc) and that you installed other programs for production on that database after installing avast :)  so if you installed on a MS SQL 2008 (R2) server yourself then you should be able to remove the instance via your db admin or check uninstall 2008 db instance (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955499)

the reason why a webserver installation is not affected is actually the reason you bring up... the installed dependencies could be used by other programs too after installation of SBC. If you really want to uninstall you have to check which minimum requirements of IIS have been made in the documentation and decide per setting if your programs need it or not

hope you can do something with some of what i typed :)
just a tip:  use a virtualisation tool to test next time ;)

Title: Re: The removal of SBC
Post by: Victor Max on March 29, 2011, 04:21:04 PM
Hello wpn,

Thanks for the warning but where did you get the idea that we we're installing SBC on a production server? It was installed on one of our testservers equipped with Microsoft SBS2011 running on a Hyper-V 2008 R2 virtual server..!
My main concern was the lack of an uninstall procedure, this would be a disaster for production machines after the initial release of SBC..

But here our warning... never ever build a new program in a clean laboratory environment because the real outside world is so very different from a clean laboratory environment..

I hope this explains our initial (uninstall) question!

Best regards,

Title: Re: The removal of SBC
Post by: wpn on March 29, 2011, 10:56:52 PM
my bad, from the sharpness in your answers i figured you used a production machine :) (some people do that because of the lack of a test machine)...

Your tip for the never install in a clean enviroment is partially good but not all ;)
if you install in a clean enviroment and it works its ok, if you then install it on a test enviroment with the exact buildup as you production enviroment and it doesnt work, then you know that it is a setting/program somewhere that is messing up since it works in a clean enviroment.
with a virtual enviroment its easy to create an exact copy (at least the most important parts) of the production enviroment when needed.

yes now its more clear what you meant, you see after (miss)understanding each other and discussing things it gets more clear

It would be nice yes if an uninstaller could remove the databases from SBC from SQL server and the SBC management website from IIS without uninstalling the role and features...

Im not sure if SQL 2008 express has different database instances like you can make with the paid server product. So that would mean deleting the databases itself from the running instance (which is actually a viable option, IF the databases are deleted by named deletion and not by a DELETE *  ;))
Title: Re: The removal of SBC
Post by: jx on March 30, 2011, 04:47:09 PM
There will be no single feature to remove all pieces of software that we installed during the installer.

Suppose you are installing this on a brand new server... All right, you installed avast Admin console and it's prerequisites here... Two months later you notice that this server actually does not really get utilized all that much...so you decide to host the company intranet here, because you have the IIS here anyway. Go for it, fine... Another two months pass, and let's say that your accounting department needs to install this brand new really cool accounting system...and they need an instance of SQL server of some kind. All right, your server is still not utilized and you can use the SQL Server instance that we installed for admin console... Everything runs fine... Two databases on SQL server, several virtual folder in your IIS and avast admin console can live together.

Now after a year you figure that you don't want to run our admin console, because you feel that the license is too expensive or you just don't like the product of what ever. You uninstall the administration console. Would it be wise to uninstall the SQL server instance and the IIS as well?

We won't provide any uninstaller for IIS/SQL Express. The uninstaller should ask you if you wish to drop the admin console server's DB, but thats about as far as we can go safely without the risk of killing your valuable data.