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Title: Smtp and IISAdmin Services
Post by: shayman on October 12, 2004, 10:37:31 AM
SBS 2003

Problem Overview:
IS Admin, FTP publishing service, SMTP service , and the exchange routing service,
are intermittantly all restarting at the same time.
They continue to do so (all four services) about 51 times in the event log, over a couple of minutes, and then gives up.
Then shows these services as stopped, and exchange no longer works.
This happens a few times a day. Local and remote users of exchange are effected.
In the queue directory, a file appears in that directory, which has the same datetime stamp as when the services are restarting and then stopped.
I then delete the mail from the the exchange server queue directory and restarts the server, and all is ok for approx.  2-3 hours unitl the problem reoccurs.
I applied the patch : KB827214 to the server but has not helped

Any Ideas what might be going on its driving me nuts ! ???

I Am also running on the server AVAST Server with Exchange plugin

VPS is 11.10.2004
File Version 0442-0
Title: Re:Smtp and IISAdmin Services
Post by: Vlk on October 14, 2004, 11:25:31 PM

the problem may be related to a bug recently discovered in the avast SMTP 2000/2003 provider.

A fix is coming soon (I'll likely post a link to a pre-release version of this fix tomorrow).

A workaround is to temporarily turn off the SMTP provider (the mail-borne viruses should be picked by the Exchange provider anyway).