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Title: Chrome Websocket blocked by avast
Post by: namraza on September 20, 2011, 01:58:09 PM

I am developer of http://www.chessfriends.com chess server. We are using reverse ajax (DWR library) and websocket connections. Till now we had permanent problem cause by Avast. It blocked our WebSockets, so there was some detection to switch to reverse ajax. Yesterday chrome did update and released new version of WebSocket , which is not compatible with previous versions. Google claims this new WebSocket is secure.  I had to implement new version on my web too. But problem is that avast is blocking both our communication channels now. First time it blocks WebSocket, my app is able to switch to reverse ajax, but after I log out/log in avast is blocking even my reverse ajax. (The prove is, that if I disable avast, second time I can log in without problems, using ajax).  So my question is, why is Avast blocking WebSockets, and if the reason is that WebSockets are insecure, than why is blocking new Chorme 14 WebSocket? Google claims it is secure now. And if avast have to block secure WebSockets, why does this blocked WebSockets interfere with other communication channels?