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Title: Should i plug out the internet cable?
Post by: tanya on November 12, 2004, 11:01:07 PM
I was surfin online and ended up in a popup-hell at an erotic site, was asked question "will you install this program" clicked the x to get it off Then at the same time avast detected a viruses and asked to remove it, i did.

I started a scan and everytime i scanned, a virus was detected, even after 2-4 scans. It also detected viruses when i scanned with adaware

I plugged out the internet cable, restarted my machine, runned two scan with both adaware and avast, avast found a virus after 1st scan but not the second, it seems ok no but i'm not sure

Is it a nessecary to run a scan several times after infection and-

Should i always plug out the internet cable after infections?
Title: Re:Should i plug out the internet cable?
Post by: Eddy on November 12, 2004, 11:14:20 PM
No need to pull out the plug, but definatly time to secure your system.

1] Make sure you have ALL security patches/updates installed for your OS and other applications.
2] Use av software properly configured
3] Use a firewall (best is a router with build in hardware firewall)
4] Perhaps most of all. Learn about your system and its options. Security starts with the user, not with the system

Security hints/trics/info (http://www.markusjansson.net/exp.html)

And about the popups...... In the "dark ages of computers"  there where already ways to stop/block them.