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Title: recovery disk problems
Post by: kenedius on February 11, 2012, 02:16:28 PM
I'm new to forums and stuff and i did try looking for an answer but nothing was apparent,

i recently got the recovery disk and its running fine and i think tho a bit slow in the scan since i'm at 18.5 hours with only 1.6 t scanned lol but in that time its found 18 files that have came up in red, some i know aren't viruses and some might be but under the virus name part it just says

--> File Scan Failed!

now does this mean it has failed to scan it or that it has failed the scan

running windows 7 ultimate 64x version and the virus i'm trying to get rid of shuts my pc down sometimes after 3min even if i haven't logged in sometimes 5min again logged in or not i have even had it going for hours but when i try do a virus scan its instant shut down/power off

pc will run for hours/days in bios and stuff which is what makes me think virus not hardware

any one have any ideas
Title: Re: recovery disk problems
Post by: Colton3310 on November 29, 2013, 07:32:24 AM
Don't worry. I think you can try Kvisoft Disc Recovery (http://www.kvisoft.com/tutorials/disc-recovery.html) to help you.  It can recover files from disk easily.