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Title: memory access errors
Post by: antrox on February 29, 2012, 05:50:36 PM
since the release of version 7, I had many errors of memory access: "instruction at 0xXXXXXXX referenced memory at 000000004 and can not be read". Error causes shutdown screens Avast for a few seconds. Error is caused by AvastSvc.exe!

I made screenshots of the last 4 errors.

1) an error occurred while scanning files by Hitman Pro 3.5 at the time when it starts sends the first file to the cloud scan:
(http://photoload.ru/data/ca/06/95/ca0695ffbb8cd4af65fb340b1c8a2f36_pv.jpg) (http://photoload.ru/data/ca/06/95/ca0695ffbb8cd4af65fb340b1c8a2f36.jpg.html) (http://photoload.ru/data/e1/64/31/e1643110ae727975967755cd94349897_pv.jpg) (http://photoload.ru/data/e1/64/31/e1643110ae727975967755cd94349897.jpg.html) (http://photoload.ru/data/ab/ee/ea/abeeea2eac6ce7846c8c555f5afa8bb4_pv.jpg) (http://photoload.ru/data/ab/ee/ea/abeeea2eac6ce7846c8c555f5afa8bb4.jpg.html)

2) the last error occurred after the operation the web screen (I repeated the transition to the same link, but a bug does not appear more)
(http://photoload.ru/data/c7/43/c2/c743c20eb94746bd98017e82c07169ae_pv.png) (http://photoload.ru/data/c7/43/c2/c743c20eb94746bd98017e82c07169ae.png.html)

winXP SP3 32bit (with custom theme), Avast 7.0.1407