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Title: Alienware Problems
Post by: DownyZ on May 03, 2012, 07:14:56 PM
My first time to the forum, and with so many posts, I don't know if anyone's posted about this before...but here I go.

I have an Aurora RX (I think that's right...it was a replacement for my Area 51 that went belly up), and it has only been here a little more than 24 hours right now.  I've had the "blue screen of death" two times alread, and after talking to Dell about it, they blame it on my using Avast. They said it's not a "real blue screen", but that it's a conflict with the firewall in Avast.  They put BlueScreenView on my computer, and it showed no information about any blue screen.  I saw "atik..." before the last blue screen went away, but that was all I got from it.

Now I've used Avast for the past (probably) ten years or so.  I have the Pro version, for which I've paid for three years.  They're (Dell) telling me that I need to get another program (System Mechanic from iolo) instead of Avast. I think they're full of you-know-what.  But thought I would write here to see if anyone else has heard this or if there's something I can do to not have this happen again (the blue screen that is). 

Thanks (in advance) for any input.
Title: Re: Alienware Problems
Post by: bob3160 on May 03, 2012, 07:27:12 PM
Welcome to the forum.
If you're using the Pro version, your firewall isn't from avast!.
If you're running the avast! 7 Suite, then it could be the firewall.
Are you by any chance using the following:
http://www.atik-cameras.com/ (http://www.atik-cameras.com/)

Just a stab in the dark based on your post.  If so, I'd seriously find out about any drivers installed from that camera.
Title: Re: Alienware Problems
Post by: CraigB on May 03, 2012, 07:29:26 PM
Was there a preinstalled AV on the computer?
I'v got a couple of friends that run avast on alienware systems with no problems at all.
Title: Re: Alienware Problems
Post by: iroc9555 on May 03, 2012, 07:30:17 PM
DownyZ Welcome to Avast! Forums.

Pure balony since Avast! Pro does not have a firewall.

I suppose you had McAfee in that rig. Did you uninstall it with its utility tool ?