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Title: Problems downgrading to avast 6
Post by: abhi95sinha on June 09, 2012, 04:23:12 AM
Hello there guys!! Yesterday and even today, I tried downgrading from avast 7 to avast 6 because the 7 version did quite slow down my PC processes. But when I tried to install avast 6, it gave a pop-up message showing this :-

" You are trying to use an older version of avast! setup. Instead of using the package stored in this file, the installer will download and us the latest setup from the Internet."

After this, a new window popped up trying to download the latest version and I cancelled it from doing so. After that, it presented an error saying that download was unsuccessful and a log file which had the following Info:-

09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: Started: 09.06.2012, 07:33:45
09.06.2012 07:33:45 system: Operating system: Windows 7 ver 6.1, build 7601, sp 1.0 [Service Pack 1]
09.06.2012 07:33:45 system: Memory: 33% load. Phys:1321576/1996200K free, Page:3045432/3992400K free, Virt:2003488/2097024K free
09.06.2012 07:33:45 system: Computer WinName: AVI-PC
09.06.2012 07:33:45 system: Windows Net User: AVI-PC\AVI
09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: Old version: 557 (1367)
09.06.2012 07:33:45 internet: SYNCER: Type: use IE settings
09.06.2012 07:33:45 internet: SYNCER: Auth: another authentication, use WinInet
09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: Install check: 'C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastUI.exe' does NOT exist
09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: SGW32AIS::CheckIfInstalled set m_bAlreadyInstalled to 0
09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: progress thread start
09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: Destination: C:\Users\AVI\AppData\Local\Temp\_av_sfx.tm~a05112
09.06.2012 07:33:45 general: Starting download: http://files.avast.com/iavs5x/setup_ais.exe
09.06.2012 07:33:48 general: Download finished from server files.avast.com, result: 0x000004C7, server response: 200
09.06.2012 07:33:48 general: Stats files.avast.com, server response: 1223
09.06.2012 07:33:49 general: POST result: 0x20000006, server response: 403

So guys, can you help me out with installing avast 6??
Title: Re: Problems downgrading to avast 6
Post by: Arizona on June 09, 2012, 04:37:09 AM
Set clock on pc back to april 24. disconect from internet instal thin go to settings update set programe to manual.
Title: Re: Problems downgrading to avast 6
Post by: abhi95sinha on June 09, 2012, 01:35:27 PM
Thank you so much. It fabulously worked.  :D