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General Topics / Re: SECURITY WARNINGS & Notices - Please post them here
« Last post by bob3160 on Yesterday at 10:18:59 PM »

Weekly Security News Roundup WE 4-12-2024
This week's important Security News gathered from many sources across the internet.
Links to the articles referenced in this video are part of the video show notes.
Русский / Re: Avast блокирует все сайты зоны .ru
« Last post by vnw1962 on Yesterday at 08:51:20 PM »
Желаю всем участникам крепкого здоровья и долгих лет жизни !

Спасибо! И Вам того же! Но может не стоит так радикально с форумом? Ведь жизнь порой непредсказуема и быть может все обернется так что вернется аваст в РФ и на ваш компьютер. Опять же многим будет интересно узнать о жизни после аваста, и многим это может пригодится - сейчас это быть может самый актуальный вопрос в русскоязычной ветке.

Согласен жизнь непредсказуема, никто не знает, что будет завтра,через месяц и уж тем более через год. У меня бесплатная версия Аваст работает хооть и с закрытым интерфейсом, защищает. 2 апреля обновился так что пока решил не удалять. Пока идёт война на Украине на возвращение Аваста не рассчитывайте, а сколько продлится этот кошмар никто не знает. Ivanych  спасибо за пожелания, здоровье это главное в жизни.  Я не прощаюсь, будем общаться, всегда тема найдётся.
Avast One / Re: Avast One and icôn VPN
« Last post by ericB60 on Yesterday at 08:32:38 PM »
I think the problem comes from my PC, on my son's PC under Windows 11 also everything works fine.
Maybe I'll reinstall my computer
Avast Mobile Security / Re: Apps Need to Bypass VPN
« Last post by DavidR on Yesterday at 08:18:15 PM »
No. I'm in the USA. My avast vn is even set to a local Metropolitan area.

Tbh, using my blink security system is the main reason I need this but it would help with other apps.

It may still be blocked if the recipient still considers the use of a VPN against their rules.  It wouldn't matter if you were using a VPN set to a local Metropolitan area, they still see it as a VPN.
Avast One / Re: Avast One and icôn VPN
« Last post by mchain on Yesterday at 08:14:26 PM »
I have an Avast FAQ link (just got now) which may help:
Avast Mobile Security / Re: Apps Need to Bypass VPN
« Last post by mchain on Yesterday at 08:05:14 PM »
You could do a repair of your VPN via doing a general repair of Avast One for your Android phone.

This should reset your configuration settings back to default.  Restart phone when done with repair.

Let me know what result is.
Avast One / Re: Avast One and icôn VPN
« Last post by mchain on Yesterday at 07:47:40 PM »
I don't have Avast One but do have a subscription to Avast Premium Security, which includes Avast VPN.

It is possible you had an issue/problem with your old Avast One installation you removed.

If so, what was the issue?

It is also possible your new installation is working as it should, i.e., your VPN continues to run after you end your internet session.

In this case you may have to end the VPN session manually.  Click the 'Disconnect' to manually end your VPN session.  You will have to right-click Avast One taskbar icon to see your choices.

See attached below:

Await your reply.
Why can't you get into PayPal, the error message or screenshot might be helpful.
I use PayPal without problem I'm using Avast Antivirus Free version - avast! free 24.3.6108 (build 24.3.8975.762)
My browser is Firefox and the Web Shield in order to protect you has to have some sort integration with your browser

What Avast Program/s are you using and what browser  ?

I just wonder if you also have the Avast, Real Site or a VPN component/s  ?

It may be the size, it is massive.

I was afraid if I resized it too small it would be hard to read.  It's already difficult to see because I had to take a picture using my phone instead of just taking a screenshot.

That is probably down to the phones default screen resolution.

Not knowing what your system is, OS, etc. but most Windows versions has a screen capture function, using the PrtSc key.
That said I have a paid screen capture program (there are free versions) that give more configuration than the basic OS one.
this is down to avast writing a policy. if i delete the policy it comes back when avast updates. how do i stop it. cannot get into my paypal
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