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Avast Secure Browser for Windows / Re: Can't uninstall
« Last post by ondrejz on Today at 02:17:54 PM »
Hello, please try this guide and use the Uninstall utility:

Let us know it the issue persists.

Avast Secure Browser for Windows / Re: Insallation is stopped
« Last post by ondrejz on Today at 02:15:31 PM »

please could you share more info? What OS do you have? Do you run it under admin? Any error message?

More troubleshooting info:
Avast Secure Browser for Windows / Re: Export passwords
« Last post by ondrejz on Today at 02:11:26 PM »

if you mean to export the passwords from the build-in password manager (not a browser extension), please go to secure://password-manager/settings.

There is an option to export them.

Did it help? Thanks
Česky/Slovensky / Re: Aktivace
« Last post by prokopes_ on Today at 02:08:58 PM »
Dobry den,
Domnivam se, ze by se mohlo jednat o predplatne evidovane pod jinym emailem (muze se jednat napr. o preklep v adrese).
Pro vyreseni problemu doporucuji kontaktovani nasi podpory pomoci tohoto formulare:
Do formulare muzete namisto cisla objednavky vyplnit nuly. Pokud mozno, nahrajte do formulare take prilohu s potvrzenim o strzene platbe.
Pokud se vam nepodari pozadavek odeslat, dejte mi vedet. Dekuji,

I am sorry to hear that you have problems. The solution could be to change mode to "Strict" in the Privacy Guard settings.

Click the blue shield with lock on the right side of the browser toolbar -> Change Settings -> Enable Strict mode

If that does not work, the issue may be in a YouTube version that was offered to you. Please let us know the country where you connect from. Also please attach Diagnostic Information that you can find on the browser about page (under "help and about..." in the menu)

Thank you
Maybe my question isn't clear...
I wanted to know if in your opinion or according to the most experts in the sector the Avast Free firewall (in the basic setting) is more powerful and secure than Windows pre-installed on Windows 10/11 in the event of a malware attack or running malware that attempt to make an outgoing or incoming connection to the PC.
Avast One / VPN - Used to remain on after reboot - now doesn't
« Last post by Seven on Today at 01:54:55 PM »
AVAST One VPN when turned on, used to remain on after reboot. Now for some reason, it does not.
any ideas?


I personally am not looking to do any configuration.
I just want it to work and the Windows Firewall has done that for many years.
Avast One for Windows / Re: How to cancel
« Last post by DavidR on Today at 12:31:45 PM »
First I don't work for Avast, but am an Avast User.

You would have to ask for a refund, I'm not sure about a pro-rata refund for the remainder of the term. 
Refund request - If you haven't got the Order ID, etc enter 00000000 and give as much information that you can to help identify it.

As far as I'm aware you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days and you should get a full refund, outside of that I'm not aware of any pro-rata refund.
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