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[-] Avast Cleanup for Android (former GrimeFighter for Android)

[-] Avast Mobile Security for Android

[-] Avast Anti-Theft for Android

[-] Avast Battery Saver for Android

[-] Avast Backup for Android

[-] General mobile topics

[-] Avast SecureMe for iOS

[-] Avast WiFi Finder for Android

[-] Avast WiFi Finder for iOS

[-] Avast Mobile Security for iOS

[-] Avast Family Shield


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[1] AVAST waking up my phone very often!

[2] SMS Spam

[3] Avast Mobile Security, Secure Line and Battery Saver or just Mobile Security

[4] Avast Passwords on Android - DB File location

[5] Cannot turn on advanced web-shield in avast android

[6] AVAST stealing money off my card

[7] iOS beta

[8] I payed for 1 year to get my 3d party ads removed but the option is not availabl

[9] Avast protection "broken" by 12 year old thief


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