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Product Improvement Suggestion
« on: July 01, 2012, 07:17:58 PM »
Hi All,

I was having a wee (wee = "small" in Jockanese) think to myself the other day while I was doing the antiviral equivalent of watching paint dry, (waiting for a boot scan to complete) when it occurred to me that there is a method that avast could use to improve detection speeds of the most prolific infections and pups during a scan. 

It would require a small light and specialist database server that organised the scanner so that it scanned for the most prolific infections in the pc's location first. eg: in the UK it may check "All users/public" for "MegaSuperVirusA" because it is the most locally prolific and then go on down through the db rather than scanning the whole drive.  It could also then search the most likely files and registry entries that become unwitting hosts for any sign of known malware and continue further down the list to lesser prolific items. This would allow the display of a Risk Analysis figure for known and prolific malware and allow the hurried user to determine a good place to stop the scan and continue to boot.

A good database and proper analysis could easily identify user habits, such as constantly on bad websites, and thus attune itself to the user.

I don't expect to see this feature anytime soon. Avast has been getting less and less resource friendly for some time now. I expect this is more because of the over designed user iinterface.  We only need something that works. It does not have to look pretty!