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Outlook 2007 mail scanning problem & Version 7.0.1456
« on: July 07, 2012, 09:34:13 AM »
I am having a problem with inbound mail scanning in Outlook 2007 since I updated from 7.0.1426 to 7.0.1456 yesterday. I updated via the GUI. After this update I was getting an error window on opening Outlook each time about a serious error with "avast! add-in" addin. I disabled the addin by clicking the option to disable them on the error window, after reading in previous threads that this is the advice for others with the same problem. I've checked the Trust centre in Outlook and both avast! addins are disabled.

Disabling the avast! addin has fixed the problem of the error window appearing, but it would appear that the mail shield is only scanning outbound emails since this last update. No inbound emails appear to be being scanned, or at least if they are, they are not registering in the mail shield. The count goes up immediately if I send an email, and it shows the subject etc of the email I just sent on the GUI, but the same is not happening when I send an email. I have checked to make sure inbound mail is ticked in the avast! mail scanning options, and it is (I haven't altered the default settings that I recall). Are others having this issue after disabling the addins? Will a future programme update fix this?

The update from 1426 to 1456 went very smoothly otherwise. I have had no other problems at all other than the above. Thanks.

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