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Re: Need to improve Beta Testing
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What's the current model for Avast Antivirus Beta Testing?

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Re: Need to improve Beta Testing
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Beta testing any program involves a certain degree of risk by the tester.   It is recommended that people do not install and test beta versions of software, especially operating system and anti-malware beta software on their main computer/s but only on a computer that can get broken by the beta product without negatively impacting the user's ability to do what is they normally do on a computer.

It is also incombant upon the user to carefully weigh the risks of immediately installing a new RTM version of operating system and anti-malware software.    I purchased and downloaded W8 RTM last month right after it was released.    I have not upgraded from W7-SP1 even though I could do it right now.   I have also ordered the DVD of W8-RTM as precautionary measure.   Sometime in the future when it appears that  the all of the major software applications that I intend to install on W8 are running without any major problems.  (I track this via the forums of the apps I use) I will install W8.   No idea when that may be.

When dealing with a new operating system it is best to be very careful about just assuming all 3rd party apps will auto work with the new OS just because the apps were beta tested and have become a RTM vesion of he software.  Sometimes all can go smoothly but the risk is not worth the reward.   No need to the first kid on the block to have the new toy.

Having said that I just want to relate a short story about what very recently, like earlier this week, happened to me regarding a software app I am beta testing     I had been and still am beta testing this product which I shall call "beta x".   Anyway clear out of the blue I got an email from tech support of beta x.   They told me that they they wanted to thank me for beta testing beta x.   Therefore they offered to extend my current 3 computer license one year of their current  RTM software product of which beta x is an upgraded software praoduct.  The license will be portable from their currently released product to the beta x once it becomes RTM'd .

I thought that was very nice of them especially since they did not make this offer to me if I were to beta test beta x but only after the fact.    I fully expect to upgrade to the RTM version of beta x once the RTM vesion is released.   
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