Author Topic: Avast latest version still double sounding updating green popup in windows xp  (Read 144314 times)

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This morning turned on my computer, connected to  the internet and avast updated my defs to 120724, first just heard the voice that my virus def was updated, then heard it a 2nd time  with the green popup, just as described by other users. About an hour ago it happened again with the 120724-1 update. Never happened to me before today. I am a Windows 7 user by the way, so it is not just XP & Vista.

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I turned on 2 computers both running Windows 8 (1 - 64 bit  the other 32 -bit)and was greeted with the announcement 4 times.
twice from each computer.
I was awake after that happened.....  ;D [size=78%] [/size]
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I have just had an auto update 120724-1 (I had been off-line for a few hours) and in honesty I can't recall if there was a double notification or not; just shows how much attention I pay to it. To me it is just background chatter when I'm working.
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I have windows Vista, as of yesterday the double notice has been going on. Any Idea of what is causing it?


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Ongoing problem. On earlier post of mine page 1 on this thread, did a test on my test computer XP SP3 Default install no updates was double sounding popup green box on this new version.

On my other computers with the older version and the sound is ok on these.
Must be something in the new build codes within avast that is doing it. Now it is doing it on other operating systems something is not quite right?


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It was this morning when I turned on my desktop that Avast free 1456, updated to 120724 def, that I received the double audio message.
Running Winxp sp3, did a clean install of 1456 a month ago and all was fine until this mornings update.
Both of my XP machines do the double audio message.  I also use IE

I can live with it, no prob. 

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For the first time that iv noticed i also recieved the double update notification this morning  :)

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Today I met this bug twice on my Vista. First you can here only the voice announcement, then in a pair of seconds you can hear the announcement again but now it is accompanied with the green pop-up.
And again I got it this morning (version 120725-0). I noticed a very high disk load at the time - Read:100%; Write:100%
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Same thing is happening to me on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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problem persists for me even in 120725-0 latest VPS....again I got 2 times that pirate talking to me..funny Hm!?  ;D

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Today I met this bug twice on my Vista. First you can here only the voice announcement, then in a pair of seconds you can hear the announcement again but now it is accompanied with the green pop-up.

Same here with the last two updates.


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my avast plays the "Avast virus database has been updated" sound twice. the first time nothing appears but the 2nd time the green window shows up with the information of the virus database. i'm on windows 7 64 bit

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Same thing happens here..
OS: Windows 11 64-bit
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It was mentioned early in this thread that it was "apparently happening only on W2K/XP machines."  Not true.  I have an XP desktop and and Win 7 laptop.  The double-update voice message (one with no pop-up, the other with the normal pop-up) is occurring on both.


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started a couple days ago with my win7 x64 Avast free system. Again this am with latest vps update...