Author Topic: "ERROR: Could not open file steamerrorreporter.exe" [QUICK FIX]  (Read 3455 times)

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Today when launching Steam, the Steam updater might start updating itself, and return error.

In my experience, Avast antivirus is labeling the steamerrorreporter.exe file as malware and moving it to it's Virus Chest.

To quickly fix the issue without reinstalling Steam, open the Avast interface > click Maintenance > Virus Chest > right-click "steamerrorreporter.exe" > click Restore. Here's an image of what to do. Avast will put the file back where it belongs.

Now you should be able to launch Steam. Avast is addressing the issue.

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Re: "ERROR: Could not open file steamerrorreporter.exe" [QUICK FIX]
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when you have the file in chest, right click and upload to avast lab as False Positive   ;)

you can add it to chest manually also...if you do it will only be a copy moved to chest