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I have question about my computer's startup, I have a Compaq Pentium II (128ram?), the operating system is Windows 2000 Professional NT, what I want to do is cut the start up time which is quite long, I think I read a command of some kind that you could enter in Run and access the startup programs, but can't remember it, or where I read it.   Does anyone know what it is?  I have Tune-Up Utilities and I've tried to stop a couple of programs from running through their Startup Menu control, it works a couple of times and then reverts back.  Can anyone help me access my startup directly?

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StartupMechanic has some false possitives on what it flags as malware, but the path given is correct, so you can easily decide what to keep or not. Overall, very-very easy to use!
To avoid start-up items registering themselves again, use Spybot's "TeaTimer" which gives you a warning every time something like this happens, and the choice to keep it or not.
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