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Ken Saunders

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Automatic program updating wasn't working (come to find out it was a known issue) so I did it manually.

The complete setup screen came up after every reboot regardless of what I did.
I unchecked Chrome, hit finish, it would still come up every time. Still occurred after the ini hack.
I hit the close button and Chrome was installed automatically. Perhaps that's what others have done and that's how they got it when they didn't want it (I saw in other threads that devs couldn't duplicate the issue).
Hitting close should have dismissed any further action, not carried one out.
Also, Settings > Troubleshooting isn't the place to hide the option to opt out of Chrome being used as the default browser for avast, and, it's checked by default. Things like that should never be set by default.
I started viewing the complete setup screen as a nag window to install Chrome and it annoyed me.
I have no issues with avast trying to generate some funds by entering a deal with Google.
I have issues with not being able to opt out permanently.

Next, avast blocked Internet access.
I thought that perhaps there were bugs with the new version and maybe there were updates and so, I updated to the latest.
After that update, I still got the nag screen, I could not access the Internet, and then Windows become unusable. That happened twice.

Throughout the several hour process of troubleshooting, I looked through forums (when I had Internet access) here and other places but could not find any fixes for my issues.
After 7+ years of using avast, I had to move on. I have real things to do. I actually don't have time to spend hours trying to troubleshoot and fix something that was working fine before the first update. I don't have time to uninstall a product that I never want, nor do I have time to fight a nag screen, and I certainly don't have time to boot in safe mode just to remove avast either, but I did waste time to do most of that anyway because I wanted avast to work. I've loved and trusted it for years.
I didn't want to give up on it, I just wanted it to work.

I appreciate sincerely that it's offered for free, I do. I understand bad updates, it happens, but I was puzzled by the fact the issues that I had are also shared by so many others on several different versions of Windows. Was avast not tested properly beforehand? Was it rushed out?
I don't get it. It was the worst update of any software that I've ever used. Mostly because it wasn't just one issue, it was at least 4, and 2 of them severe ones.

I read replies here from staff and volunteers telling people to do things like uninstall their firewall and re-install it to see if an avast issue goes away, and, what's the big deal, just uninstall Chrome, and by the way it's the best browser because x, y, and z, and go find an ini file and do this with it to fix an avast issue. I have to wonder what the hell is going on. Where quality control? Updates should be pushed out immediately. Users should not have to go to such great lengths to deal with avast's bugs. Avast should be doing it, and then throw up one of those info balloons, display release notes, something.

The way that I gave back was to install avast on every family member's PC, whatever PC's I fixed, and by promoting avast through word of mouth every where else. I don't have time to contribute in any other way, and I'm just too poor to upgrade.

Now I'm using Ad-Aware. It sucks. I hate it. All of the others do as well.
I miss avast. I'm here to try and learn and implement all of the fixes/solutions/shots in the dark if the same issues arise when I reinstall it.

Just please, a few things, especially for heavy contributors and active forum members.
Be a bit more empathetic, kinder, and respectful to people coming here.
Understand that they're frustrated, probably pissed off, confused, and more than likely not as technically inclined as you may be or as knowledgeable about avast.

Just because you never have problems with avast in any way, doesn't mean that others are doing something wrong or that they're idiots. If you're contributing here, volunteering, whatever, remember that you represent avast.
Do it with pride and patience or don't do it at all.

Thanks for reading my rambling.
Wish me luck on my return.  :)


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Thank you Ken for your contribution to the forum.  I do remember you contributing in the past, and we do hope that you do return to Avast.  Some of the problems you refer to are users not reading when they are clicking while installing (and getting Chrome when they didn't want to), or installing Avast when they have another AV or remnants on their machine, existing malware they they didn't know about that we discover through problem-solving, and many other issues including an occasional corrupt download.

What I would suggest, even though you said you don't want to do it but it really only takes a few minutes:
1. Save a copy of Avast and save it to your HDD:
Version 7.0.1456:         
Avast Free AV:
2. Download the Avast Uninstall Utility and save it to your HDD or desktop. 
3. Disconnect from the Internet at this time.
4. Go into Safe Mode (hit F8 repeatedly) and run the Avast Uninstall Tool. Uninstall ALL previous versions and products of Avast you had on this machine and reboot in between each uninstall
6. Reboot.
7. Install the newest version of Avast and reboot.
8. Get Internet access and register your copy or add the license key for Free, Pro, or AIS online.
    Free –
9. Update the Avast definitions.

We hope to see you back.  :)

Ken Saunders

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Hey SafeSurf, thanks sincerely. I felt as if I broke up with a girlfriend that I was having too many problems with and that I had been with a long time.

You're suggestions worked on both Vista and Win 7 flawlessly. Well, for Win 7 (fresh install) all that I had to do was use the install that you linked to.

I'm so extremely happy to be using avast again.  :)

If you know any employees, you should have them add support links to avast's "Publisher's Description" on
Some of the problems that people are having could be fixed by them simply turning off certain features (like info popups).

Thanks again and again!
You rock.

Offline Cast

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I gave up on Avast! as well, not because of the update issue, no because I paid for the Pro version, yet could never get Safezone to connect anywhere, and when I asked here(twice) I got no reply other than "Safezone works fine here". Anyway, I will mostly likely come back to try and see if the problem has been fixed eventually, till then I will be using a competitors product(one that was actually suggested here).


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@ Ken Saunders,

I'm glad your problem is resolved.  And thank you for your compliments ::blushing::  :)  Let us know if you need any other additional help.  Thank you again.

@ Castayr,

There will be a fix to the problem you mentioned coming soon in the next 1 - 2 weeks.  Avast is aware of the issue and has been working on it.  We do hope to see you back.  If there is anything I or others here can do to assist in the meantime, please let us know.  Thank you.