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Cannot connect to antivirus engine
« on: July 26, 2012, 03:40:31 AM »
I have a problem similar to but on a Vista PC.

GUI said that my avast is "not secured", even as the antivirus engine works :

GUI seems to have trouble with my preferences :
  • It said I'm registered until 05/04/2013, but that I have 0 day left ;
  • Adding a file to AutoSandbox exclusion list seems to work (GUI said it is done), but
    • I'm not able to see that file in the exclusion list,
    • the added file DOES trigger AutoSandbox popup ;
  • AutoSandbox popup :
    • run in the Sandbox (or not) as told,
    • don't remember my choice (even when told to).

I've done a total reinstallation (as,2).
But doing so, I lost the "AutoSandbox mode = ask" option. And I had to reinstall/repair and reboot again and agian until I can set it back.

I'm used to install avast in a specific directory (which works fine on an other Vista PC).
I have no idea where avastscript*.log might be on a PC.