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« on: September 05, 2003, 04:26:06 PM »
I read someplace in the forum that it is good to have a trojan/worm scanner as well as a virus scanner (Avast)
However Avast help says it should not be run in conjunction with other virus scanners.  Would a trojan/worm scanner or spyware scanner be considered generically a virus scaner and therefore should not be used if Avast is also running.

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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2003, 04:32:30 PM »
Well it depends on what the Trojan Scanner is doing. Basically, there is no problem with having more than one AV/AT program installed. The problem is that you must not have more than one on-access scanner active. I think that today's Trojan scanners are on-demand only (i.e. they do not include any resident components) so they should be OK...

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