Author Topic: Avast 7 free addition is stopping Google Chrome Browser from working at all.  (Read 8704 times)

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I have had both Avast and Google Chrome working together up until this last week. Now I have been trying different ways to solve the issue, many times it works for awhile then it goes back to where Avast is working and Chrome cant load a page. {not even it's own tools} OK, so from there I have reinstalled both programs several times clean. But I get  the same result. The one way I found to work around was to turn off the Web Shield in Avast. That has been fine until today. Now even that is not allowing me to use Google Chrome. I like both programs but I use Firefox as well, two browsers at the same time and I do not plan on changing that. I sure hope someone can help. I wish that Avast itself would figure this out before I have to find a different Anti Virus app. I sure hope someone reads this and has had this issue and resolved it. Also I have ran several other programs looking for trojans and other Malware. I am pretty clean except a few cookies at the  end of a session. My traffic is not in places that you would pick up a lot of Viruses though we all know that they can come from out of the blue. Thank You for reading.

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same as me, I have problem with Avast and Chrome.

Avast is enable, Chrome won't loading any webpage (white blank),

Avast is Disable, Chrome can loading any webpage (can see content and information)

I finally contacted avast team, so their team is look at it.

So.. I am still wait for their update since a week now. (no response from Avast)

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I'm using the paid version and the same thing happened with Chrome. I had it sandboxed, just to see how that worked through Avast. Removed the sandbox and Chrome stopped loading webpages, wouldn't even load the settings page. I uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome and now it loads webpages but I can't log in to Chrome or Gmail - it says my username or password are wrong. I have no problem with Chrome and loggin into Google services on my Macbook, so it's not a Google account issue.

I ran anti-malware scans with two different products and did a deep scan for viruses. Nothing showed up.

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We've been having the same problem described above, and I've tried all the remedies already mentioned to no avail.  It seemed to have started around the same time. (Early August/late July).  There must be something in Chrome that registers as something not to allow through the firewall, which is probably in a definition list released recently.  We are using fully updated XP, and the newest version of Chrome/Avast. Hope somebody can figure this out

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Hi tessek,

Your issues and topic seem to have been overlooked.  My apologies for that.  Sometimes having installed programs that are obsolete and/or out-of-date can cause the out-of-the-blue infections.  Just so you know.

You can have a look here to see if this applies to you:  We do not even care if you do not have Avast! on your system anymore, so....

If it does, please attach the following logs from these three programs:  Malwarebytes, OTL, aswMBR.

@ chromexp, selmblad, tinziello:  Please start an unique topic just for you and provide a link to this topic here, so as to not have to redo everything you have written so far.
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