Author Topic: avast! Free seems like interesting in delete/replace/etc. my execute files?  (Read 2209 times)

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I used avast when it still version 5, right now version 7. But it seems like from the version 7, avast delete almost my application which is .exe files. Most of exe file or setup files were deleted and replace with temp.xxxx, etc. my files were corrupted because of this. now it's very annoying. How can I stop it? AND avast only did it with my external HDD, maybe I did something wrong?

I think that avast did delete my files which is not virus (I used avast and disabled Windows Defender and Firewall) no other antivirus install.
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How can I stop it
you need to get your machine checked for malware

follow this guide and attach (not copy and paste) Malwarebytes / OTL / aswMBR logs


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My PC has just re-installed the OS for month, so I don't think it has any malware or something like that. Using malwarebyte quick scan gave me no result of virus or malware.