Author Topic: Do I have a virus? HTML:script-inf  (Read 3471 times)

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Do I have a virus? HTML:script-inf
« on: September 02, 2012, 11:32:15 AM »
I'm not sure if I have this virus or not.  My webshield keeps blocking something, coming up with this warning about every day or second day:

infection: html:script-inf
url:  h??p://

I did visit that website via a google search about a week ago, however I still get 'infection detected!' pop ups even though I am not at that website. 

When I do a system scan, no infection comes up.  I do, get some 'warning' about:
but nothing else.  I've deleted my cookies, history and temporary internet files.

How do I clean up this infection (if I have one)?