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Zone Alarm tutorial with helpful pictures
« on: January 27, 2005, 01:53:48 AM »
Hi there,

I found this tutorial very useful in getting the best out of Zone Alarm's Free firewall. It is much more explicit than in Free Zone Alarm's own tutorial.

I discovered I wasn't using the firewall in the optimum way to provide the best protection.

I have used Zone Alarm free for years, but recently i had a Trojan Dialler virus and I couldn't understand how it got in.

After reading this tutorial I then had a pretty good idea. I had allowed it in, presuming it was a bona fide program and server!!

I haven't gone as drastic as blocking all the servers as suggested but apart from my Distributed Com server which I allow at all times for my email, I have a question mark to ask at all times about any program and server, and if I am in doubt about whether I should allow a program or server, especially if I haven't just performed a program action I am now very, very cautious about allowing access unless I am truly sure. If not sure I deny and always ask for more information from the zone Alarm Alert message details tab.

Would love to hear whether anyone out there finds this helpful