Author Topic: avast 4 uses 1.69GB  (Read 4085 times)

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avast 4 uses 1.69GB
« on: September 06, 2003, 06:08:50 AM »
In the folder C:\WINDOWS\Temp\_avast_, there are 1.69GB of files. I have the feeling they are from the VRDB, but because of the way I set my partitions, the C: is only 3GB in size. With Windows and Office installed, this means I don't have that much spare space.

I have disabled the VRDB generation (previously it was enabled), but I want to know if I can safely delete all those files. I only have 20MB of free space on my C: now, and I am not going to change my partition sizes.

I have also not found any documentation about deleting files made by the VRDB, nor have I found any utilities included with avast!.

Please help me.


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Re:avast 4 uses 1.69GB
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2003, 07:24:35 AM »
Sounds like temp files that you can delete.  It's in the windows temp folder right?  I have one file in that folder.  It's named unp41 and it's 283k.

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Re:avast 4 uses 1.69GB
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2003, 12:12:06 PM »
This folder has nothing to do with VRDB. avast! puts there temporary files when scanning inside of archives or e-mail attachments. So, you can safely delete the files.
(Of course, avast! should have deleted the files...)