Author Topic: avast! (free) and Steam: "old\friendsUI.dll.1349613835" detected as Malware  (Read 3060 times)

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Hi everyone! :)

I have "avast! Free Antivirus" and the "Steam client application" (gaming application) - - installed in my laptop, running "Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)".

Today (7-oct-2012), I got the following warning popup from avast:


avast! File System Shield has blocked a threat.
No further action is required.

Object: [path]\Steam\old\friendsUI.dll.1349613835
Infection: Win32:Trojan-gen
Action: Moved to chest
Process: [path]\Steam\Steam.exe

The threat was detected and blocked when the file was created or modified.

[Link to] Report the file as a false positive

Having searched the forum archives, there seems to have been quite a few false positives from "avast!" regarding Steam. So, I'm guessing this is just another one, but I would like to check here to see if any other user has also seen this particular warning.

So, has anyone here received this "malware popup" popup regarding this "friendsUI.dll.1349613835" Steam file? Do you also think or know this is a "false positive"?

For completeness, here are the "avast!" and "Steam" versions that I'm running now:

- avast! Free Antivirus:
"Program version": 7.0.1466
"Virus definitions version": 121007-0

- Steam client application:
Built: Oct 3 2012, at 13:32:59

Thanks in advance!   :)

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Steam FP already posted in virus and worms section


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Hi Pondus,

You wrote:

Steam FP [False Positive] already posted in virus and worms section

Thanks for the info! :)  I think I found the discussion ("Steamservice.dll showing as Win32 Trojan-gen" - in the "Viruses and worms" section - - that you were refering to. That discussion was created based on other file from Steam, but it surely seems to be related (and I noticed the user "forgon" also mentioned "friendsUI.dll" in that discussion).