Author Topic: just an occurance with recent update 1474  (Read 1164 times)

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just an occurance with recent update 1474
« on: November 03, 2012, 06:45:15 PM »
I was waiting for some recent bugs to be fixed until I upgraded from version 1466. 1474 came out, which I was going to install.  Before I went to 1474, I guess a vp update occured which was suppose to correct a timing issue with the program.

Anyway I was going to update avast to 1474 after dinner.  I went to shutdown my computer, and avast shutdown but nothing else.............

I then did a manual shut down, ctr/alt/del did nothing..........

When I restarted the computer, I updated avast to asked to restart to finish installation.  I clicked yes, and only avast shut down.  I manually restarted the computer.  Everything seemed ok, but before trying to shut down the computer, I used avast to update (eventhough everything was updated, as I thought).  It showed the download bar, then asked to restart again.  I clicked yes.

The computer then fully restarted and everything seemed ok............It even shut down when clicking the turn off button after clicking start.

Everything is fine now (i am on an xp machine), but avast seemed to be stuck in a loop and need to restart the computer on its own.  Which it eventually did.

Just something that happened after a vp update.