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Avast 8 and VBscript
« on: March 08, 2013, 03:50:42 AM »
Hi everybody !

I just want to know if the registry key content of


earlier reading on my machine as follows:

(Standard)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AhAScr.dll
Default Engine    REG_SZ    C:\Windows\system32\vbscript.dll
ThreadingModel    REG_SZ    Both

is still necessary for Avast 8 free and its VBscripting protection.

Since this entry prevents VBscript from working on my system (Vista Ultimate 32bit), I changed it to

(Standard)    REG_SZ    C:\Windows\system32\vbscript.dll
Default Engine    REG_SZ    C:\Windows\system32\vbscript.dll
ThreadingModel    REG_SZ    Both

making VBscripts working again on my machine.

Since Avast 8 Installation process doesn't enter anything into this key, it seems Avast 8 doesn't rely to it anymore and VBscripting protection is handled different now under Avast 8, right ?

If not, what is the actual correct content of that InprocServer32 key now under Avast 8, just in case something got wrong during my installation ?

Any help and comments from the Avast crew appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

T o m


Interesting to see, that this registry entry seems to date back till Avast4 in 2004(!) - at least according to some user posts here in the forum (for example   by Mike Dijkema).

Even aswclear.exe in its latest version doesn't care about removing these keys during deinstallation (despite the fact that it tells to have done so). And I tried aswclear.exe in safe mode in sequence for every Avast version accordingly with always rebooting between the individual runs - as recommended.

Maybe something to implement into the next version of aswclear.exe at least (or, into the deinstallation routines of the Avast package itself).
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