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False warning???
« on: November 16, 2012, 07:01:08 PM »
When I scan my Mac using the new Avast (free version) for Mac, I get 67 warnings, all like this:  /volumes/Data/NewMini.sparsebundle/bands/118ef

"Infection details" says:  Win32:Patched-HO [Trj]

The only thing different in the other 66 warnings is the number of the sparsebundle band and the details (all but a couple are Win32:)

I am running Windows 7 in a Parallels virtual machine.  "NewMini" is the name of my primary hard drive.

In the report, all the options to do anything about these warnings/infections are greyed out--I can take no action.

On the belief that these were within my Windows VM (because the "details" says Win32), I did a full system scan of the Windows VM system using the free Avast for Windows and found nothing.

Are they all false warnings?  What do I do?