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Keep getting error
« on: February 13, 2005, 11:34:17 PM »
 I have been getting this error since yesterday Avast comes up and says there was an error

Function setifaceUpdatePackages() has failed. Return code is 0x00000426
An error has occured while attempting to update.Please check the logs.
Why does it keep coming up saying that? I have never had trouble before, and I havent changed anything in the settings. When I try to update manually it doesnt do anything. Any suggestions? Should uninstall and reinstall would that fix the problem?


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Re: Keep getting error
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2005, 11:37:41 PM »
Please use the search function on this board.
Keyword = setiface

There are a lot of threads dealing with this and many have (possible) solutions.