Author Topic: Downloaded File (.exe) Installed Avast, got virus MSIL:Keylogger-BN[Trj]  (Read 3818 times)

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hello there.

Im not good with tech, so this question might seem dumb, but i downloaded a .zip file containing an .exe (which i didn't open the .exe, just the zip_ from the internet.
My tech savvy friend of mine installed avast linux security after wards and scanned and updated the system. when i scanned it it said i have a  MSIL:Keylogger-BN[Trj]
I searched up what it is an it is a thing called a keylogger, that sees what you type :O so im not sure if i have been infected before i have avast. Im running on xfce dual booted with windows vista (my friend told me this). have i been infected?


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Re: Downloaded File (.exe) Installed Avast, got virus MSIL:Keylogger-BN[Trj]
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Hello VeetaminA, and welcome to the Avast! Forums.

A '.exe' file can't, or is purposefully not allowed to open in Linux, so xfce is fine; however as you are following the trend to dual boot, your MS Vista System may be infected ?

I'll direct you to the appropriate area to get some help.
1.) Some Malware info
2.)Start a thread here to have tests run to determine what you should, if anything