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Scan Exclusions Ignored
« on: February 01, 2013, 05:16:27 PM »

I have noticed that when performing a Full System Scan avast! is scanning my Time Machine Back Ups.

This is occuring despite the fact that I have configured avast! to
NOT Scan Network Removable Volumes
NOT Scan Mounted Network Volumes
The File System Shield has also had an exclusion added for my Time Machine Back Ups.

But whenever I perform a Full System Scan I can clearly see that avast! is ignoring the exclusions I have made and is scanning my Time Machine Back Ups.

This results in excessively long scan times. These back ups should never be scanned or tampered with by antivirus software as this could result in your back ups becoming corrupted.

What is the point in avast! having preference settings to exclude files from scans if these are scan exclusions are NOT obeyed.

I feel that this is a defect in the avast! antivirus software and this problem needs to be fixed immediately.

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