Author Topic: Updating to Avast Pro 7 from Avast 4.8  (Read 1903 times)

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Updating to Avast Pro 7 from Avast 4.8
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:46:04 PM »
I run a small business with 1 server, 2 desktops and 2 laptops.  I used avast 4.8 on all of the machines and when the license was up, I upgraded to avast pro 7.  I installed pro 7 on both desktops with no problems.  pro 7 on one of the laptops slowed it down so much that we had to go back to a restore setpoint to get it up to speed again.  The other laptop has not been installed as of yet due to 1st laptop problem,
BUT:  here is the major issue.  When I installed pro 7 on my server, it shut down all of the services so no program could access the server.  After much talking to tech support, I was advised that I had to put in a ticket to level 2 support for servers.  The technician did not even reply to my emails giving him my information for 7 days (not good) and when he did reply, he told me that I needed to purchase avast Endpoint Security Plus for servers.  When I looked at this page on the avast site, it informed me that the cost for this was $ 175 for a year of protection and that it covered 5 desktops.  What gives???   Why does not pro 7 work on the server?
I am going to invoke my 30 day money back guarantee if I can not get any answers or service from avast about this.  I cannot even speak to a level 2 technician as there is no phone number, the level 1 person says that the only way to communicate with level 2 (server) technician is through email and they take 7 days to answer.  Someone please HELP ME!!!!