Author Topic: Avast and uTorrent: Some trackers are sending invalid data since update on Win 8  (Read 2786 times)

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I recently updated my machine to Windows 8 Pro x64. As always I'm relying on Avast Free Antivirus for my protection.

When using uTorrent some trackers are sending me an error message (Error: Tracker sending invalid data) since updating to Win8.

The problem don't exists with Win 7 Ultimate. I found that Avast's Network Shield is the problem. When disabling the Network Shield everything works fine. The problem first occured with Win 8. Never had problems with Vista or 7.

Any advice?


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is expected the next version of avast will feature for greater compatibility and stability with windows 8.

I've made use of Windows 8, but returned to Windows 7 due to lack of support from my sound card machine. The startup is faster, but otherwise I prefer Windows 7 seems to me the ideal choice for users of Desktop and Notebooks. I understand that Windows 8 is currently more useful for users of PCs with touchscreen.
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Same problem here on windows8 pro. Public trackers are working but private trackers are giving error.
By turning off network shield private trackers work correctly.

Currently using defender and waiting for avast8 release.