Author Topic: Could you please add an option to disable refining location by WiFi?  (Read 2441 times)

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There are very good reasons for it.

Wi-Fi does not always equal access to Internet. In many corporate environments it leads to closed networks, or access to Internet is modified in some way.

In my particular case, I have access to internet, but it is routed through a European country. As a result, my Pandora fails to work properly whenever Anti-Theft decides to "refine my position".

When I Skype, I prefer 3G over WiFi. Yes, some WiFi connections are less reliable than 3G! Every time Anti-Theft enables WiFi - Skype connection dies immediately. To make things worse, Anti-Theft forcefully re-enables it for two minutes, so I have to wait. To make things even worse, if I give up and set up new Skype connection through WiFi, in two minutes it is broken up by Anti-Theft yet again, because it disables WiFi when it's done.

My phone is rooted, Avast can use GPS to refine my position. Yes, in some places GPS does not work, but I'm ready to live with that.

Thank you for the wonderful FREE product! It makes my Android experience much better! However, could you, please, please, please, add this little check-box to disable position refinement by using WiFi?