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Network Shield
« on: April 24, 2005, 10:35:42 PM »
My computer is connected to the Internet behind a NAT router (built in SPI firewall) and I am also running Sygate Personal Firewall.

Is there any need to run the Network Shield module?  Or could I just disable it?


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Re: Network Shield
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2005, 12:26:42 AM »
Leave it enabled, it is slightly different from your firewall, it barely takes any resources and there is as far as I can little or no browsing speed overhead.
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Re: Network Shield
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2005, 01:35:40 AM »
maybe a malware can damage your software-firewall. It's common under strong attacks. So, leave enabled the Web Shield: is different from a common firewall but you have more protection.

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Re: Network Shield
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2005, 10:17:03 PM »
Kamulko, it was discussed a lot in the past but this pictures:

will make the users nervous as they think avast! webpage is spying them...
Look, only the user could see it's IP, browser, etc...
But the users don't know that and think their personal information are being stolen.
Please, don't use it  ;)
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