Author Topic: Anyone hear of "is-RR93F.exe" file? What is that?  (Read 3344 times)

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Anyone hear of "is-RR93F.exe" file? What is that?
« on: February 28, 2005, 10:20:20 PM »
I  loaded a trial version of Registry Mechanic 4 from and my
MS Anti-spyware blocked an executable from running that was called is-
RR93f.exe. It was dated 6-27-04. It was in the WinNt directory and seems to
have a companion file called is-RR93f.lst which has the following script:

* List of files to be registered on the next reboot. DO NOT EDIT! *


I renamed the executable to is-rrf93exe.old and did the same with the lst
extension.  I uninstalled Registry Mechanic 4 and reinstalled a version I
downloaded from  The strange thing is that the majorgeeks
version asked for a reboot while the version didn't after
installing.  Secondly, the is-RR93f.exe wasn't reinstalled.

Anybody have any clues?   I scanned both with Avast and they were clean.  I'm leaving them both with the .old extension for the time being.