Author Topic: BSOD aswSP.sys entry point SeTokenObjectType  (Read 1000 times)

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BSOD aswSP.sys entry point SeTokenObjectType
« on: March 03, 2013, 08:38:35 PM »
I've been rebuilding a friend's OLD computer after a hard drive crash (Compaq Presario 5441, Win2K professional, GA-5SMM motherboard, 512MB SDRAM, AMD K6-2 475 MHz, 40 GB WD HDD, integrated video and sound).  To make this doorstop useful, I had to find an Antivirus program that would work in Win2K.  A six-month old version of AVAST worked (evidently AVAST no longer support Win2K).  I had to apply several updates to Win2K and a hotfix before AVAST would install.  After AVAST installed the definition updates were not downloading.  I changed the settings in AVAST to "this system is always connected to the internet."  The definition updates would not download after the settings changed so I thought a reboot was in order.

After restart, "BSOD."

I receive the following, ""systemroot\system32\drivers\aswSP.sys device driver could not locate the entry point SeTokenObjectType in driver ntoskrnl.exe"

I am wondering whether to try a potentially messy uninstall of AVAST in Safe Mode using pcdecrapifier or last known good configuration?

I installed quite a few updates and some other programs.  I did not note the installation order or note if or when a restore point was created.  I fear last known good configuration may be an equally messy alternative.

I do not suspect a root-kit virus but this is a remote possibility.  I cannot boot normally so attaching logs would not be very helpful.

Can someone assist me in potential alternatives or the repair of AVAST in safe mode?    The obvious is not desired, "an in place repair of Win2K."