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« on: March 06, 2013, 08:08:22 PM »
Hello I just installed and setup AMS and anti-theft i have been looking around the avast support and here for some information about some issues I might have.

1. In my avast page...
Last Update:    Mar 6, 2013
Last Known IP Address:    N/A
Current Battery State:    N/A
why there is no ip info or battery status? My mobile is connected to wifi and online (wifi does not go to sleep)

2. I have not been able to get the location of my phone
in the locate i get
No positions have been uploaded. Please use the Locate command to request device position.
I have send locate>once succesfully but still no data ( i have send locate>every hour now just to see if its working) also GPS coordinates reports No positions have been recorded......

Have i done something wrong is it configured correctly?
Thank you for your time and help in advance