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I really think that an installation from scratch will solve all the issues...

1. Download the latest version of avast! Uninstall Utility and save it.
2. Download the latest avast! version and save it.
3. (Optional) If you want, save your avast! settings for later restoration (Settings > Maintenance > Back up).
4. Uninstall avast from Control Panel (if possible). If, for any reason, you can't run it, try booting in Safe Mode and doing it from there. Anyway, boot after that.
5. Run the avast! Uninstall Utility saved on 1 in Safe Mode. Boot after you've run it. Repeat this for any major avast! version you have ever installed/upgraded in your computer.
6. Install avast! using the setup saved on 2. Boot.
7. Register your free copy or add the license key for Pro. Or even upgrade your key from old versions.
8. Check and post the results. If, for any reason, you did not solve, try doing the step 3 in Safe Mode anyway.
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I am also  a newbie here but not to computers. I run XP with latest SP, NO OTHER SECURITY, sorry to put it in caps but I have noticed time and again a response asks this question when the original writer had already specified this.
Today My machine crashed via a freeze and eventually, got the message that Outlook (2010) had a major issue with Avast ad (in) as I remember the message. At the time I thought it was yet another MS cock-up so i did not really take much note of the msg (my bad), just hit the "yes" to disable it and carried on. But the machine was screwed.
Just closed everything (forced) via Task Manager and restarted. Machine was screwed, running like a no legged dog. Massive amounts of memory being chowed in processes not visible.

Running Free Avast and apparently version 7.0.1474, although a new update was about to start on the auto update function. To get the machine to run anywhere near half way decent had to suspend all Avast network and mail activities.

Seems to me there is a major snafu with the latest few version releases - what must I do?



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Same for me (Vista x64, i7, 12Gb RAM, ATI 7770).

My windows hangs yesterday morning after migrating Avast 7 to 8.x and in the evening I format/reinstall all.
This morning, when I did a CLEAN (from scratch) install of Avast ... windows hangs again in reboot !

But this time I had access to the Safe mode of windows, uninstall Avast 8 (from configuration panel) ... and re-install the version 7 without any problems !

I think the mix Avast/ZoneAlarm (I had ZA, but uninstalled years ago ... maybe there was some registry traces of it in my system yesterday) could be a clue, but do NOT explain why I had same behaviour on a fresh reformatted system. By the way I unplugged ALL my others disk (only SSD with the system visible). Only the following is installed :

* Vista x64 SP1
* All recomended updates for windows (~140 this day)
* Intel inf chipset
* ATI 7770 / Catalyst 13.1
* Asus U3S6 board drivers

That's all !



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OK so got rid of the crappy buggy claimed version 17xx using the control panel option, and installed the older 1466 version which appears to be the last stable version issued. All seems to work ok now.
Not impressed by the number of problems that were created with the latest version - should have had far more decent testing to show up all the very obvious problems before Avast releaed it.