Author Topic: AMD CCC AEM Capturing Window / any clue wth this is?  (Read 18632 times)

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AMD CCC AEM Capturing Window / any clue wth this is?
« on: March 19, 2013, 02:47:42 AM »
On machines with ATI graphic cards using windows vista or 7. When shutting one of these machines down the "waiting for AMD:CCC AEM Capturing Window to shut down" comes up after what I believe is the cause is heavy usage of the machines RAM. I speculate that the machines RAM gets fragmented and gets a little bit slow and then triggers the "waiting for..." message in windows.

Google searches seem useless as nobody knows WHAT it actually is and WHAT it does, besides belonging to ATI's Catalyst Control Center. Now I don't believe it is a virus or anything like that. It runs in the background hidden until the OS forces it's presence known via the "waiting for shut down". That seems odd to me for an ATI piece of software to be doing this.

My question is to anyone who may know. What is AMD:CCC AEM Capturing Window?