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Re: Is there a way to test Webshield
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Thanks but my question is:

a user wanting to utilize proxomitron or similar product would be out of gas if they also wanted to use web shield on an older win98 machine... is this statement correct?

Not correct. Either setup proximotron to use webshield as upstream proxy, as suggested in your message, or setup webshield to use proximotron as its upstream proxy:

In winxp you can also setup Webshield to scan proximotron's outgoing connections:

Lukor or anyone,

|Followup Q1| Is there any reason other than layered protection (redundancy failsafe)  to keep standard shield on if you are running webshield since webshield is scanning all files and very quickly I might add.

Reason I ask is doing some speed tests I see a 55% speed increase going from 561kbps to about 870kbps.

Putting proxo on bypass and runnning with webshield but without standard shield gets me slightly over 1Mbps


It worked using the alternate method from the link you provided:

webshield is now in between my browser and proxomitron.

I set avast4.ini as follows:

UpstreamProxyHost=localhost <---  it works, is right yes?
UpstreamProxyPort=port I use for proxomitron

followed directions for terminating webshield and restarting

configured browser to use webshield as proxy on port 12080

Tested from and webshield caught both before they reached my laptop cache

checking speed, it does not seem to impede speed of browsing at all that I can notice at this point...

Very Coool !!!


for some reason I could not get the other method  as described by horbar in my post above, to work which puts webshield at the front end, proxomitron in the middle, with browser last to receive incoming

I set my browser  to use proxy  port 8080

maybe this needs to be localhost (should make no difference)

Then went into proxomitron under edit filters clicked on Proxy and added the external proxy:


I even tested it and it tested ok

looked at webshield and it picked up my test

but when I ran my browser - not a peep out of webshield

I restarted laptop, just in case and ran my browser again


|Followup Q2| If anyone can spot what I did wrong, I'd appreciate it.

Just want the option of running both ways in case one method may be faster than the other by some quirk.

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