Author Topic: New User name> Avast software updater? What is is and where did it come from?  (Read 7180 times)

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Hi there

I just updated to the free Avast to version 8.0.1485 and when I rebooted found this new user at my login screen, called "Avast software updater".  :D
I clicked on it but it required a pw. I tried an empty one and the normal one I use to login to my personal user, but neither worked.

Why do I suddenly get that user and what for? I cannot find anything in the help about this. Confusing.  :(

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Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

Look here:

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Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

Look here:

That is for BETA versions.  Im not being picky but I encountered this today and I am not using a beta.

I will try a REPAIR and see if it helps anything.

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Just got this today....what is up ?
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