Author Topic: Avast reports Trojan in a file that is NOT a Trojan. Novabackup now hosed.  (Read 1895 times)

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After a signature update from Avast this morning.....

A critical file for Novabackup: nsMail.dll

was flagged as Trojan and deleted (rather than moved to Virus Chest AS I HAD IT SET TO DO). No options, file simply gone and Novabackup now hosed.

Just a heads-up for anyone else that gets hit with this, that file is 1) NOT infected NOR a Trojan, it's part of Novabackup's installed program, and 2) you have to uninstall Novabackup and reinstall it. The only bright spot in #2 is that when you uninstall it, you can choose to preserve your settings and media catalogs.

Brilliant job there, engineers.

Jim Fisher

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I think the update that was pushed today was messed up without a doubt. I have been struggling with it all day. I have 150 workstations and a good number of servers throwing all kind of "trojan" errors and generating email notifications endlessly. I finally was able to lighten up the false postives, but it is still happening...has been all day....

Users screaming about applications being blocked when work needs to be done was not fun to get killed a good 3 hours this morning...I was pissed earlier...

Let me know if you find a workaround....

Offline Pondus

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post virus problems and false positives in the virus and worms forum section


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Happened to me too.>:(
I'll try to uninstall and re-install.  Thanks.
I hope this kind of thing didn't happen to any other programs.
Very bad update...