Author Topic: Goodbye, avast (Apparently also a troubleshooting topic)  (Read 14868 times)

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Re: Goodbye, avast (Apparently also a troubleshooting topic)
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I am well aware of how Comodo works. I have tried it many of times and played around with since version 2.4. The power of Comodo comes from D+. Without its just a plan firewall. A hardware firewall filters inbound traffic and stealth's your ports. A software firewall filters outbound traffic. Windows 7 Firewall w/Advanced Security can be easily configured to be just as effective as any 3rd party firewall. There are also free tools to aid in this. No matter how you look at when you start adding this and adding that its going to create problems. So don't go complaining to Comodo or Avast when you have these problems. When you OC your GPU and CPU do you run to Dell complaining? No.

How is there any similarity between avast and overclocking?


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Re: Goodbye, avast (Apparently also a troubleshooting topic)
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Its a reference. Re read what I wrote. You made this post saying "Goodbye" to Avast and blaming Avast for your issues. Wheres your screen shot of Avast eating your CPU? When you start adding layers upon layers of security it becomes your problem and not Avast's. Hence the overclocking reference. If you ant to overclock don't blame Dell when your pc over heats and blue screens. Why don't you just try running Avast all by itself. Turn all shields up to high and turn on PUPS.

When companies design a product they are concentrating  on the masses. Not the few security guru's who think its necessary to add layers upon layers just to stay safe. 12 years + now and I have never been infected. Common sense plays a huge factor. Don't fear malware. Be prepared for it.
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