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Re: Avast AV Beta News [Business-Produkte]
« Reply #285 on: June 23, 2022, 10:20:25 AM »
Avast Business - Business Hub Release Version [8.47]

• Support of new exclusions in the console - on-demand scan exclusions and Program (or script) exclusions are available as a part of Antivirus exclusions in the policies. Those exclusions are already available in client Antivirus.
• Simplified “Add device” dialog introducing a more compact view for choosing which service should be installed on the device.
• Company name, date and time are included in the filename when exporting the device list.
• Fixed an issue where users were not able to export Patch reports.
• Fixed an issue with Antivirus subscription not properly assigned after the product upgrade to Small Business Solutions.

Known issues:
• Device list export does not reflect applied filters.
• Password Manager feature is not present after migration to Small Business Solutions.
• Stopping task for patch deployment doesn’t work.
• Server error displayed when alert is dismissed.

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W8.1 [x64] - Avast Free AV 23.3.8047.BC [UI.757] - Firefox ESR 102.9 [NS/uBO/PB] - Thunderbird 102.9.1
Avast-Tools: Secure Browser 109.0 - Cleanup 23.1 - SecureLine 5.18 - DriverUpdater 23.1 - CCleaner 6.01
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