Author Topic: Server Requirements for New install of Avast Enterprise for Education  (Read 3634 times)

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I am trying to spec the server recommendations for Avast Enterprise

I came across the item below on the avast! EP: Installing avast! Enterprise Administration page and now I am questioning how to proceed.

Free Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (supplied as an optionally installable component with avast! Enterprise Administration) or full Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (required for the replication service to support multiple avast! Enterprise Administration Servers in very complex networks with more than 1000 computers and/or servers in any combination).

Does the above passage mean that I have to have a server for every 1000 machines that I want to manage?

I had planned on building this on 1ea HP DL380p Gen8
32 core’s and 64 gb of Ram
10 gbps Fiber optic NIC

Would like to know recommended Hard Drive space required.

I am trying to mange 20,000 machines. Located in 47 Schools with site to site fiber backbone to my central office and fiber connections to each of my classrooms. Bandwidth is not a problem.

Is one server going to work?


Che Johnson

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One EA server should be fine but typically I would recommend that you install some 2nd level mirrors on other servers so they are not all pointing to 1 server for their updates.  As long as all the clients on the network can communicate and be "Seen" by the server then you can manage all the clients from 1 location.  However if you would need to create root EAS or if the server wouldn't see all the clients then you would need to set up a Root EAS which would require a full SQL be installed so the database can be replicated.